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 Want a professional technician at your home right now to help you with your air conditioning problems?, Give us a call. AC Brothers is one of the Top Air Conditioning Companies you can possible hire in South Florida. We can repair just about anything and we carry pretty much and air conditioner broken down with new parts in all our service vans ready to repair your air conditioner right on the spot and without delay.

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Check Out Below some of the most commonly problems found in Air Conditioning and Possible Solutions you can do now to prevent additional damage to the Air Conditioner while you wait for your technician.

 There might be one or two solutions in there that you can do it yourself and can save you a Service Call and some $. Keep Reading and You’re Welcome 😉

Most Commonly Found Problems in
Air Conditioning & Some Solutions

Check out thermostat batteries if there is any. Reset all the breakers that are related to the air conditioner, go to the main breaker panel of your home, locate the A/C s breakers, there should be 1 for the outdoor unit and 1 for the indoor unit ( turn them off and back on ). Now go to the inside unit and flip that one too, in most cases it will be located on the upper left corner or the center of the inside unit. If none of that works, Give us a call.

Turn the AC Off or set it up in fan only mode on the thermostat. Check the filter if it is really dirty or if you haven’t replaced it in like 2 months, replace it. If your A/C was moving air at the time you realized it was iced over then is a pretty high chance that doing what we recommended you should fix the problem, if it doesn’t. Give us a call, we’ll walk it thru together.

Probably water sensor device getting activated, if it is the case, maintenance is required, give us a call to discuss it.

Outdoor unit not working, there are many components interconnected that make the condenser ( outdoor unit ) work, in this situation, there is not much you can do and the unit should be checked by a professional, give us  a call.

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